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# To be Job makers and not Job seekers

Nile Vocation Institute-Njeru

Nile Vocational Institute (NVI) is a private Christian Inter-dominational Vocational Institute established by the African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE), a Ugandan NGO; in partnership with a Germany Child Care Organisation - Kindernothilfe (KNH) -Helping a child in need.

NVI was founded in 1988 and is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports as a Technical Institution under registration number PTS/N/40.

Establishement of the Institute was premised on an effort to mitigate the effects of the brutal regimes in the 1970s and early 1980s coupled with the HIV/AIDS scourge, AEE in partnership with KNH aimed at providing interventions to salvage the desperate situation at the time especially among the young people, through preaching the gospel of hope and provide skills to the many orphans and vulnerable youths, for self sustainance.

Nile vocation Institute

Contribution to National Development

Over the years, NVI has made significant contributions to the development of this Nation, the National Development Plan and Vision 2040 of transforming Uganda from a peasant country through a middle income to a modern and prosperious country. This has been done through providing competent, well skilled and employable labour force. On average, NVI churns out 520 well skilled youth (including those on special programs) per year to the National labour force. The government of Uganda has therefore, recognized the efforts of the Institute in the past four consecutive years by ranking us as the best Private Vocational Institute in the country. Through our follow up and Industrial training office, over 80% of our graduates get absorbed in the world of work annually at graduation time as shown by the statistics below of the previous years.